100 pips a day Forex Mobile Strategy

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100 pips a day With Forex Mobile strategy is a Trend momentum strategy for MT4 mobile applications and MT5 Mobile apps. This trading system uses the Relative Strength Index as well as envelopes. Envelopes have the main purpose of drawing very high and reliable levels in space of dynamic price support and resistances. The envelopes can be used to indicate significant moments such as the rebound, violation, and return of the price.

Setting the indicators:

Time Frame: 15 minutes or more

  • Currency pairs: Any
  • Close, Period 50, deviation 0.8223, upper band green shift 0, lower band rouge, method smoothed.
  • Shift 0, deviation 0.783 Period 50, upper and lower bands greens, smoothed. Lower band reds.
  • Shift 0, deviation 0.763, Period 51, upper band green, lower bands red, apply close.
  • Close, Shift 0, deviation 0.423, Period 50, upper and lower bands greens, smoothed.
  • RSI (1), apply close, With simple moving averages (1-2-3-4 color orange)-(5-6-7-8-9-10, the color purple, apply close).

Trading rules 100 pips a day with Forex Mobile strategy


When the price bounces or penetrates the envelope, the lower envelope bands wait until the orange fast moving averages cross the slow purple one downward. However, the moving averages must have first entered the oversold area (level below 20).


When the price bounces on the envelope or penetrates the area between the upper envelope bands, the orange fast moving averages cross the slow purple one downward. However, the oversold zone must first be reached (level higher than 80).

Exit position

Place your initial stop loss Below the previous swing high/low.

Trade examples


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