4 Time Frame VQ Zeroline Nmc Indicator

4 Time Frame VQ Zeroline Nmc Indicator

Are you a forex trader looking to incorporate volatility quality into your trading strategy? If so, you have come to the right place, this Metatrader indicator is perfect for you. The four time frame VQ Zeroline NMC indicator will change color depending on whether the volatility quality of the currency pair is greater or less than zeroline.

When the market’s volatility quality is above the zeroline, a bullish trend is evident. Above the zero line, the trend is negative. When it detects a positive signal, the volatility quality indicator turns green. However, when it detects a negative signal, the indicator turns red.

4 Time Frame VQ Zeroline Nmc Indicator

How do you trade effectively using the four time frames, VQ Zeroline Nmc MT4 indicator?

The image above illustrates how to trade using this indicator.

The lines inside the indicator window indicate the duration of a time frame. If more than three time frames show a positive signal, the trade is placed with a buy order. In this case, 3 lines will be green.

In short, if the volatility of three or more lines/time frames is greater than zero. If the forecast trend is bullish, it is a buy signal. Conversely, it is a bearish signal to sell.

Stop loss is below that previous low. Take profit is set based on the appropriate risk-reward ratio.

Many successful traders bet on the market to take advantage of its volatility. In this case, if the VQ 4 time frame zero line indicator in metatrader shows a color change, the trader can decide to stop the market. A color change in the current time frame indicates an exit.

For aggressive traders, it is possible to lower the alert level below 3 to get more entry signals. However, more conservative traders can increase the alert level to 4 for more entry points.

To make the calculation smoother, traders can increase the duration to a value greater than 15. A higher filter value enhances the smoothness of the signal.

The indicator visualizes simple trading steps and is suitable for novice and veteran Forex traders.

The indicator uses the concept of linear moving averages to calculate the price smoothing, which is weighted. Moving averages cause small delays within the indicator. The indicator does not provide traders with the option of taking profit or stop loss points.


The VQ 4 time frame zero line metatrader indicator is one of the top volatility indicators in MT4. It helps Forex traders to identify trends and volatility.


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