Candle Time Indicator

Candle Time Indicator

Timing is key, just like in all other aspects of life. The CandleTime indicator is a great addition to your trading tools. This indicator is easy to use, but very powerful.

As the name implies, the indicator shows the time remaining until the close of the candlestick. It can be used in any currency pair and time frame. The indicator can be used by both day traders and scalpers. It does have one very unique feature. It does not provide buy and sell signals, unlike other indicators.

Besides Candle Time, it is also known by the following names: Candle Clock and Time Indicator, Candle Countdown, Candle Countdown, Candle Countdown, Candle Clock, Bar Clock, Candle Clock, Bar Timer and Candle Timer.

Candle Time Indicator

How to trade with the Candle Time Indicator

Although the indicator does not generate buy and sell signals, it can be used to organize trading schedules. If you trade price action, the indicator can prove to be very useful. If you trade on a 1 hour time frame, it will show you how many minutes you have left until the end of the candlestick. Scalpers can profit or lose money by following the next candlestick formation in a short time frame.

You know that the market closes every weekend. This indicator can be used to determine when the market closes, depending on where you are. This is especially useful for Fridays. This feature can be used to close trades before the market closes for the weekend.

CandleTime indicator mt4 to track how the market reacts to certain market events. It also shows the time remaining before market news is released. This will allow you to close trades before seismic fluctuations occur.


The Candle Time indicator is an unusual but very useful indicator. This indicator will remind you of the time remaining until the close of the current candlestick.

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