Choppiness Index Indicator

Choppiness Index Indicator

MT4’s Choppiness Index indicator helps forex traders identify trends in the market. In particular, it determines when the market has a volatile or non-volatile state. In addition, it can determine whether it is moving sideways or in the direction of the trend. Finally, the indicator can help forex traders develop the most effective trading method that is technical and can effectively trade sideways as well as trending markets.

Forex traders can use the Choppiness Index indicator for MT4 to trade, buy and sell breakouts, and then ride the trend. In addition, technical traders can use the indicator to create an investment strategy that will allow them to trade in volatile markets.

Choppiness Index Indicator

This indicator can be very helpful for new Forex traders because recognizing and understanding trends and sideways market conditions is not very challenging for traders who are new to the market. Experienced Forex traders can take advantage of trend information and incorporate it into technically sophisticated trading strategies.

The chart illustrates how the Choppiness Index indicator for MT4 moves. The indicator is plotted in a separate window and the values are shown as red lines. The indicator’s formula makes use of the high and low values of the price. It uses chaos theory and fractal geometry.

The indicator describes the market as volatile or oscillating above 61.8 and as trending if the value is below 38.2.

If the indicator values are broken, it means that they have crossed the retracement line of 38.2. In this case, forex traders interpret it as a signal to sell or buy, because the price is moving towards the trend.

Trade Setup

Choppiness Index Indicator

The chart below shows the custom settings for this indicator, which helps to understand the value of the index and to identify chopped and non-chopped areas. Thus, the indicator includes 38.2 and 61.8 levels.

Assuming Metatrader’s Choppiness indicator is at the 61.8 level , it fails to stay above it, but then retraces three times in a row. Forex traders can then hold their positions and follow the current trend.

Another good use of this indicator is to trade markets that are choppy or volatile. Many intraday traders face a sideways state in the market, i.e. between support and resistance levels. Finally, the price is unable to form a bullish or bearish trend, especially near trend lines and channels.

Forex traders can devise the most effective trading strategies to trade markets that are moving. They can also trade successfully in markets where the indicators indicate an unfavorable trend.


The Choppiness indicator on MT4 is the most effective because it solves a problem that every forex trader often encounters. This is because most trading strategies either work in trending or sideways markets, or neither. This is why the indicator stops Forex traders from making costly mistakes and allows them to trade effectively.

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