Climbing Scalper Review

Climbing Scalper Review

Min Deposit of 20$
Levergae up to 1:500
Spread 0, suitable for EA trading

Min Deposit of 5$
Allow Cent Acount
Levergae up to 1:888

Climbing Scalper It is compatible with all currency pairs including EURUSD and AUDUSD as well as EURCAD, EURCAD, EURCAD, GBPUSD and USDCAD. The algorithm uses sophisticated algorithms to find the best entry and exit locations. This, according to developers, results in a high win ratio. The algorithm also features slippage and spread filter to prevent trades from being opened on markets that are too unpredictable. To provide our readers with further information, we shall discuss the EA’s benefits, drawbacks, and customer feedback.

Climbing ScalperTo trust or to not trust?

Backtesting is only available in image form, raising questions about its reliability. There is no evidence of live results, making it hard for treaders to verify the robot’s live performance and drawdown. The author’s attitude is unsatisfactory as per user reviews, raising concerns about the robot’s performance.


These are the key features of the expert adviser:

  • It uses SL for every execution
  • The algorithm trades using the MT4/5 platform
  • It can be used with many symbols
  • There are slippage and spread filters available
  • Both buying and renting are possible

According to the developer, the robot trades in quiet markets at night. The robot does not use martingale or grid strategies. Each trade has a stop loss/take profit. It does not have live records to help us examine its method.

How it works

Traders can drag the EA to their charts in the MT 4 platform by placing the ex4 file into the expert’s folder. To enter and exit trades the system uses coded data.

Pricing and refund

The algorithm is now available for sale on the MQL5 Marketplace. The price for a single purchase is $399 plus taxes. It can be rented for $249 per month by traders, while the 90-day validity is $299. The bot is available for free.

Price of the algorithm.

There is no information concerning the product’s refund policy on the website.

Results of trading

The bot has unsatisfactory results when it comes to backtesting in picture format. According to the images, it traded on the AUDUSD symbol at M5 timeframe. The trading period started in August 2003 and ended in May 2022. The software made a net profit totaling $11,350,000.040.24 during that time. The EA started with $1,000 deposit and participated in 4514 trades. It had a winning rate 96.7 percent.

Statement regarding backtest.

We can’t track the current win rate or drawdown because the algorithm doesn’t come with live data. We looked at many performance tracking sites, including Myfxbook. However, we couldn’t locate any recent statistics.

Low drawdown

We will examine the drawdown of the bot’s backtest results, as there are no records for it. The account’s absolute drawdown was 26.78%. This indicates that an EA can lose 25% of its balance while trading.

Vendor transparency

Liudmyla Borchkarova is the author Climbing Scalper Other forex robots such as Gold Plus, Gold Future, and others like them. Based on 11 reviews, she has a rating 4.5. The vendor’s portfolio is not transparent, as no certificates/real records are provided to substantiate their market experience. There is also no indication of the seller’s presence on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

Customer reviews

Based on eight user feedback, the algorithm received a rating of 4.57. One trader commented that three consecutive days of winning is equivalent to one day of losing. The bot is not worth the effort.

Customer review on MQL5.

Another user stated that the developer responds quickly and communicates well with them.

Customer review on MQL5.
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