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AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA is a fully automated forex robot that is typically being sold at 2999 dollars. It’s an old EA which trades using autopilot. The EA works upon the breaking down of key resistance and support levels. The EA employs the adaptive trading management algorithm.

This robot was designed for traders who are novices and experts. It has many parameters to play with. This isn’t a simple one-click robot. However, you might need to tweak it.

AlgoTradeSoft Innovative robot is equipped with the algorithm for statistics collection and slippage management with complete statistics displayed on the information panel. This means you are able to control the quality of broker execution. It will actually outsmart markets by executing BUY and SELL orders when the criteria are satisfied.

Try it out using a demo account for at least one week. Also, become comfortable and familiar with the way AlgoTradeSoft Innovative Robot works, then , only use it on the real account.


  • Minimum balance on account of 1000dollars .
  • It is best to work on EURUSD.(Work on any pair)
  • The best work is on the the M30 Timeframe. (Work on any Timeframe)

AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA

AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA

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