ATR Channels indicator

ATR Channels indicator

The ATR channel indicator is part of the category of indicators that show trends. The price chart of a currency shows various price channels displayed using moving averages as well as ATR prices.

The Forex settings for the ATR Channel Indicator allow you to assign a specific factor to each price channel. This allows you to reduce or increase the size of each channel individually.

How do I determine the indicator for ATR channels?

Naturally, the variation in volatility due to market fluctuations provides an opportunity to develop different channel strategies.

One obvious disadvantage of the traditional channel structure is the static nature of the channels. the ATR channel table is a tool for technical analysis, which creates several channels around the price. The channels are constructed taking into account the volatility of the market and are a variable value.

It is worth noting that the ATR Channel indicator can be described as a multi-currency tool, which means that the choice of time frame is based on personal preferences. the ATR Channel can utilize any time frame, so you can create the indicator as an element of a scalping strategy as well as an overall strategy.

ATR Channels indicator

Benefits and key features of the ATR Channel indicator
The indicator is a channel consisting of a number of lines whose edges act as resistance and support levels.

In real life, they are utilized in a similar way to trading with horizontal lines. In fact, it is necessary to trade on breakouts and retracements of levels.

The angle of the channel direction is the direction of the trend. When the direction of the channel is up, you can only open a position to buy, and if it is down, you can only sell. If the direction of the channel is horizontal, the market is flat and therefore worth trading in order to gain from belonging to the other side of the channel.

It is worth noting that it is possible to easily make stop-loss orders as well as profits on the channel.

Trading strategies for the ATR channel
Let’s discuss the trading strategies based on the ATR channel.

Selling strategy

The direction of the ATR channel must be facing downwards.
After testing the channel, the price should fall just below the upper limit of the channel.
Set your stop loss a few pips higher than the upper edge of the channel.
Your initial profit target should be at the midline of the channel. Close your position when your price reaches the lower boundary of the channel.

Buying Strategy

The direction of the ATR channel must be pointing upwards.
After conducting a test, the price will close above the upper limit of the channel.
Set the stop loss at a few pips lower than the lower edge of the channel.
The first target for profit should be the middle line of the channel. When the price is at the upper boundary of the last channel, you can close the buy position.


The ATR channel indicator can be an excellent tool for analyzing technical issues. It is a great tool for detecting market trends and phases. The tool can be used by scalping traders and long-term investors. Like any other tool, the ATR Channel Indicator may not always prove to be a profitable strategy. Therefore, it is recommended to use any other tool to increase your chances of trading success.

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