AZZX Emavol 1.0 Indicator

AZZX Emavol indicator

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The AZZX Emavol indicator is a Forex technical tool used to detect fluctuations in the tick volume of an asset. The indicator uses non-lagging lines to effectively track tick volume up or down.

The mt4 indicator allows you to see the impact of different market participants within a trading session. This will allow you to better understand why the market is moving in one direction. The indicator is also available as a free download.

This indicator is also suitable for intermediate and advanced traders. It can also be used for scalping, intraday/out-of-day and swing trading.

This screenshot shows you what the indicator looks like on your Mt4 platform. AZZX Emavol indicator does not generate signals like other buy/sell indicators. It is a tool that allows you to monitor the tick volume of an asset.

How To Trade The AZZX Emavol Indicator

AZZX Emavol indicator

There are three lines on the indicator that represent different market conditions.

The light green line represents the volume of the asset traded. It varies with tick volume.

Blue – this is a signal of a possible downward movement.

Red – this indicates a possible upward movement.

Market conditions are those that cross and stay at the top. If the red line is higher than the other lines (light blue and green), this indicates an upward trend in the market.

You can monitor the light green lines in the above situations to see if there is an increase or decrease in tick volume.


The AZZX Emavol 1.0 indicator is a trading tool that helps you monitor tick volume changes in your assets.

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