Best Scalper EA

Best Scalper EA

Best Scalper EA is a extremely short scalper EA which analyzes the market using some of the most potent indicators. It uses the principal trend to be able to enter the market. This EA utilizes the D1 timeframe to identify the trend, and employs the short timeframe for entering the market. This is an scalper that has the ability to take a very short time frame and the stop.

It’s an innovative and experiment EA that has actually worked and has been proven to work! 93% winning percentage when using an effective money management. It employs an adaptive algorithm to trail trades. This EA always employs SL which means that the account is secured from drawdowns of large equity. Best Scalper EA Doesn’t use any dangerous strategies like martingale.

This EA was tested back with several months of data. It has was able to pass multiple stress tests and is able to pass every month, with an extremely favorable profitability/drawdown ratio.

Test it with a demo account for at least one week. Also, become familiar with it works. Best Scalper Robot works, and only then do you use it on an actual account.


  • Minimum balance on account of one hundred dollars.
  • It is the best option for any pair. Best on EURUSD mostly due to the spread that is low)
  • Work Best on M5 and M15 TimeFrames
  • Best Scalper EA
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