Boom and Crash Spike Detector Indicator

Boom and Crash Spike Detector Indicator Free Download

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The oom and crash spike Detector an non-repaint trading system for MT5 that is typically being sold at around 410 dollars. The crash and boom indicator is an extremely effective spike detection software packed with amazing features. including.

  • Spike Alert ( from 10 to 100 seconds warning prior to spike)
  • Continued spike Alert (for continuous or double spikes in a row)
  • supports all Boom/Crash Indices
  • Time frame spike M1.
  • Larger time frame trend pointer to use for Swing trading
  • Non-Repaint

The Boom and Crash Indicator System The Boom and Crash Indicator systemcan provide you with trading signals you can decide to take them as they come or include your analysis of the chart to filter out the signals further. This is suggested. Although traders of all experience levels can benefit from these indicators, it could be beneficial to try trading on a MT4 demo account until you’re steady in your trading and are confident enough move to live.

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How To Use

Boom and Crash Spike Detector Indicator Free Download

Buy Conditions

  • Bullish Alignment on indicator and Main windows

Sell Conditions

  • Bearish Alignment on indicator and Main windows

Directions above for swing trading only, from M15 upwards

Note==> make sure all conditions are met before taking a trade, do ensure to demo trade for 2 or more days before going live with this tool. Minimize greed and use good money management, Digital developers will not be responsible for whatever consequences resulted from the wrong use of our indicator.


Features of the spike indicator
the boom and crash spike indicator is a very powerful spike detecting software, with very awesome features, these features include.

Spike Alert ( from 10 to 100-second warning before spike)
Continues spike Alert (for double or continuous spikes at a time)
supports all Boom/crash Indices
M1 time frame spike pointer.
Bigger time frame trend pointer for Swing trading

You can configure your Boom or Crash Spike Detector, a free forex indicator to notify you of an alert for signals via text message, email or pop-ups on the platform. This is useful because it means that you do not have to look at the charts all day long waiting for signals to come through and you can also monitor several charts simultaneously.

Boom as well as Crash Spike Detector System Boom and Crash Spike Detector Systemmade to work with every forex pair. It can be used for any time frame that you prefer starting from the 1 minute to one-month charts.

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