Buy Sell Signal Indicator mt4

Buy Sell Signal Indicator mt4

The Buy Sell Signal Arrows indicator, which is based on momentum, detects momentum reversals in the market and generates signals indicating these reversals.

This guide will cover all the peculiarities and nuances of the Buy Sell Signals indicator (MT4).

What’s a Buy Sell Signals indicator?

Momentum is a sign that the price is likely to move in one direction. The Buy Sell Signals indicator is a valuable tool for detecting momentum reversals.

If the indicator detects a bullish momentum reverse, it draws an Arrow heading up. When it detects a Bearish Momentum Reversal it draws an Arrow pointing down.

It also sends emails and alerts whenever it detects a potential momentum reversal indicator.

The chart shows that the buy-sell indicator is able to identify trends and point out where your stops should be. The indicator is most effective when markets are trending.

The signal can cause significant losses if there is a short period of sideways consolidation. This signal is similar to technical indicators such as the parabolic stop and reverses indicator which functions similarly.

The buy-sell signals indicator can be used across all timeframes. This allows for technical trading methods that combine multiple time frames analysis with other trend-following strategies.

How do you trade the Buy Sell Signals indicator.

Buy Sell Signal Indicator mt4

As mentioned, this indicator is a powerful momentum reversal indicator. This indicator is best used as an entry signal to a larger picture trading plan.

These short-term momentum signals are also useful for trading alongside long-term trends. Traders can use the arrows to confirm trades.

It calculates the number and distance between bars in a chart. Based on the data provided, the indicator will create an arrow that indicates whether to buy or sell.

It predicts the direction of the trend based on past data.

From now on, traders will be able to choose the best areas in which to place their stop losses (stop losses), to minimize potential losses and to determine the risk margin they are willing or unable to accept.

It also gives traders a basis to make decisions about whether to sell or buy based on the direction and indications of the trend.

Indicator Trading Strategy

Buy Sell Signal Indicator mt4

Trades can be made in any timeframe using buy and sell indicators. This allows traders to use a variety of technical trading strategies, including the multi-timeframe analysis strategy.


  • Find the upward arrow in the chart
  • Wait for the price to turn bullish
  • Place a stop-loss at the lowest point.
  • When the trend changes, exit


  • Locate the downward arrow in the chart
  • Wait for the price bar turn bearish
  • Place a stop-loss at the highest point of the previous high
  • When the trend changes, exit

Bottom line

The Buy Sell Signals indicator is a great indicator for short and long trades. It doesn’t require complex analysis. It is enough to know the difference between green and red arrows.

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