CCI MA X2 Smoothed MTF Indicator

CCI MA X2 Smoothed MTF Indicator

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CCI ma smoothing MTF is X2 by design. Its functionality is well explained in the title. It means that this tool is a combination with the Channel Commodity Index (CCI) and the Moving Average (MA). Each indicator of the technical category has two lines. This means that the indicator is made up of four lines.

The CCI includes two green lines, while the two lines in the middle represent the lines of the moving average. The moving averages indicate the direction of the price, while the CCI provides buy and sell signals.

The indicator can be used as a standalone indicator. As the name of the indicator suggests, it is multi-time frame, which means you can apply it to all time frames.

CCI MA X2 Smoothed MTF Trading Signals

The indicator comes with two built-in indicators, meaning that they work together to form a confluence. The white line symbolizes the moving average and forms an angle that shows the overall trend.

The green line, on the other hand, is the channel of the commodity index.

Buy and Sell Signals

Buy signals occur when the white lines are rising. The green line should be within these white lines. As long as the price is at the lower limit of the channel, a bullish position can be taken.

Short signals occur when the direction on the black lines is downward. The white lines must be contained within these green lines. Sell when price action is in the top band.

The indicator shows signs of buying whenever the direction of the line changes and is trending up. Note that the white line surrounds all the green lines.

An appropriate buy signal occurs when the price action crosses the lower green limit. The best entry point is when the candle is closed shortly after the signal is given.

The currency pair is currently bearish. A sell signal is indicated by the downward sloping white line within these green lines. When the price reaches the upper green line, prepare to start a short trade after the candle is closed. Candles.


CCI ma smoothed MTF x2 represents a mix of commodity channel indices and moving averages. It provides accurate and simple signals by using channel bands. It is a great indicator to include in your trend following tools.

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