Dark Venus Scalping MT4 Robot FREE Download

Dark Venus Scalping MT4 Robot FREE Download

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Dark Venus Scalping Robot MT4 is a fully automated scalping forex robot that you can download for free. This expert advisor needs attention. In fact, it presents a high frequency of operations. The advisor works on Bollinger bands and trades are managed using a number of strategies. The expert advisor can get high winning trades.

The basic strategy starts with market orders that are counter-trending. However, you can modify it under other trends. Each of these settings is available to traders, so anyone can optimize their robot as they wish.

The Dark Venus EA can be a little risky because it uses martingale techniques and sometimes even hedging. This EA has a very high ROI (Return on Investment). The profit you can earn each month depends on your lot size and your risk tolerance.

After using this strategy for a long time, blowing up your account is almost inevitable. However, regular withdrawals from our investments can help us apply probability theory to our benefit. The dangerous Martingale strategy becomes profitable and breaks even immediately after the initial investment is withdrawn.

Test it in a demo account for at least one week. You should also familiarize yourself with how the Dark Venus Robot works and then use it only in your real account.

Dark Venus Scalping MT4 Robot FREE Download

Recommendations for MT4 robots

Minimum account balance $100 (high risk), $1000 (medium risk), $2000 (low risk) or equivalent cents account. This is a Martingale account, so you should be careful with risk figures.

It is recommended that you adjust your risk level and deposit, as an EA can double a $100 account in a week. It is also possible to cause an account to blow up. (But you can avoid this if you turn off the EA and close all trades in volatile markets or news.

EURUSD and GBPUSD are the best (or any other currency pair).
M5, HTML15 (works at any time)

This EA allows you to make quick profits and then quick withdrawals. Once you have doubled your deposit, you can withdraw it. This EA is very powerful.

It is important to pay attention to volatile markets (news) and close trades.

This Dark Venus Scalping HTML4 robot must work non-stop with low latency to achieve consistent results. Highly recommended on reliable, low spread broker platforms.

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