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DaxBot Forex EA Cost $325

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DaxBot Forex EA is a revolutionary MT4 Dax30 forex trading robot. It is based on momentum and volume trading and takes only the first signal from the 5 minute chart sessions. Its size depends on the level set by the user.

The EA usually trades up to level 4 and has a 60% win rate on 20 pips SL and/or TP. Users have the option to adjust take profit and stop loss levels on each trade.

Monthly Profits – Consistency is Key

DaxBot is a great example of consistency. This consistency allows traders to plan for consistent returns month by month, without the need to forecast for large trades.

Choose your own risk – choose your lot size
DAX can start trading with 0.1 lots, i.e. 0.10 EUR per pip or 2 EUR per loss. For whales, you can trade the DAX up to €100 per pip (winning €2k) with an average price of €2k.

Clear trading plan – hard stop-loss and profit levels
A fixed profit/loss of 20 pips allows traders to easily adjust their risk indicators, as each trade has a finite amount. There are no Matthew effects, grids or cost averaging techniques. It is simple to implement and track.


Minimum account balance of $100.
DAX30/DAX40 is also known as DE30/GER30, DE40 and GER40.
M5 and H1 time frames work best
Use Given set files.
To get stable results, this DaxBot EA must be run on VPS24/5. We recommend running this free forex download on a VPS (reliable and trustworthy).
Low spread accounts are highly recommended (search here for the perfect broker for you)

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