DMX Jurik Histogram Indicator mt4

DMX Jurik Histogram Indicator mt4

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The Better DMA Jurisk histogram combines two power indicators: the Directional Movement Index (DMX) and the Jurisk smooth histogram indicator. DMX, also known as Bipolar DMI, is calculated using conventional ADX. It tracks the current trend using double lines. On the other hand, Jurik indicators show the current momentum and detect changes in the market trend.

The technical tool is suitable for identifying the market trend and momentum. You can use it to trade any instrument in any timeframe. You can integrate it with short-term or long-term strategies.

How to Trade Using the Better DMA Jurik Histogram Indicator

DMX Jurik Histogram Indicator mt4

The Better DMA Jurik Histogram appears on a separate window below the price action. The DMI consists of -DI and +DI lines oscillating between the zero line and bar graphs that change color from red to green.

Buy Signal

Buy when the bars change from red to green. The bars should be above the zero line. In addition, the +DI blue line should cross above the -DI line.

Sell Signal

A sell signal occurs when the indicator crosses below the zero line. The bar changes color from green to red. In addition, the +DI line should move below the -DI.

Better DMA Jurik Histogram Real Trading Example

DMX Jurik Histogram Indicator mt4

The indicator changing from green to red is an ideal signal. Trades should also be made when the indicator line crosses over the zero line and the blue line turns to coral. The indicator’s color changes when there is a trend change.

The indicator crosses above the 0 line to signal a buy signal. The color of the bar changes from coral to green and the +DI moves above the –DI.

You should always be prepared to exit if the indicator becomes blank. If the color changes, close the trade. You can also set stop loss indicators higher than or lower than the swing low. Then, take profit at the next resistance level and support level.


The Better DMX Jurik histogram uses two indicators to provide trading signals that are accurate. It is composed of histograms which change from red to green, and double lines that filter signals using crossovers.

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