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Forex Trade Manager

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Forex Trade Manager assists you to trade more successfully. Are you of the opinion that in a market where the price could change within a single second the process of placing an order ought to be as simple as it can be? If you are looking to make an order you might be wondering how large the trade you can open? What proportion from your account should be put at risk in this trade? When you decide on the size of your trade you make the calculations necessary to find an answer of what the size of the trade is.

Imagine you have an instrument that can do all of this for you in a way that is automated. You open a chart, create an analysis of the market and then trace horizontal lines around the entry point as well as the stop loss. You then take a profits. At the end, you decide on the risk level, e.g. in % of your capital available, which you can bear in this particular transaction.

The only thing left is to press the right button on the panel in order to start the trade.

If you’re a scalper who needs to be able to quickly close and open trades without making any targets or defenses You are able to do this within the Trade Manager panel. Here you can create the parameters for your fixed order and easily start them by clicking the ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell button.

Close or delete an order can also be accomplished directly via your trade Manager panel which allows you to close the entire order with a single click or shut down an order in part.

When you use the Trade Manager to manage your daily trading, you’re always aware of the risks you’re taking and keep your trades and account in check throughout the day.

A Trade Manager’s easy and simple interfacemeans that it’ll take a few seconds to become familiar with the application.

Features of Forex Trade Manager



A super-simple way to place your trading orders with one click!
Adjust your % Risk per trade, Stop Loss, and Take Profit, and you are all set to place your BUY and SELL orders with one click!

Forex Trade Manager


It only takes one click to adjust Take Profit or Stop Loss of your trade.
The software always shows how much money you get if the trade hits a Profit and how much you lose if it hits the Stop Loss.
It also shows the Risk-Reward Ratio of the trade. This re-calculates automatically as you move your TP and SL.

Forex Trade Manager


Trade Manager makes placing Limit Orders super-simple and foolproof.
First, you adjust the Trade EntryTake Profit, and Stop Loss.
After that, you place the Limit with one click.
There is also an icon that places an Alert. Just one click and you are all set. You can move this alert easily with your mouse.

Forex Trade Manager

Fixed Risk

This feature does Risk Management for you!
First, set your Risk per trade. Then no matter how you adjust your Limit Order, the Risked $ amount will remain the same.
The software automatically recalculates the trade size so you always risk the same $ amount.
This is a super-simple way how to risk the same amount of money for each trade regardless the Stop Loss pip value.

Forex Trade Manager



One click to move your Stop Loss order to Break Even.
Are you in a winning trade and want to secure it so you don’t risk anything anymore? Then simply click the BREAK EVEN button.

Forex Trade Manager


One click to move your Stop Loss order to Reaction Point (turning point).
In, my trading I like securing a winning trade by moving Stop Loss to the place where the price reacted to a Support/Resistance and turned my way. This place is called the “Reaction Point”.
The Reaction Point is high or low of the reaction.

Forex Trade Manager


Trade Manager makes closing a part of your position super-simple and fast.
Just input the amount you want to close and hit the CLOSE PARTLY button!
This feature is especially handy in situations when speed is important.

Forex Trade Manager



Protects your Limit Orders from spikes during Macro news releases.
This unique feature reads Macro news calendar and withdraws your Limit Orders just a couple of minutes before the news release.
After the Macro news release, it automatically places your Limits back again!
This way, you can set your Limit Orders, without worrying that a sudden news-related spike will take them out!

Forex Trade Manager

EA Forex Trade Manager works on all kinds of symbols: currency pairs, indices, metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. This is made by Trader Dale all credit goes to him.

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