Gold Trading EA

Gold Trading EA

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This Free Gold Trading EA, an automated forex robot, is usually sold at 1500$. This EA will place virtual orders before entering to determine market reversal points. A martingale will be used if it is not correct to average the price. This strategy aims to make quick profits and then withdraw quickly. You can now try more risky strategies after you have repaid your capital.

Test it in a demo account for at least one week. You should also familiarize yourself with the free robot for trading gold and then only open a real account to test it.

Gold Trading EA Gold Trading EA


  • Only GOLD (XAUUSD),
  • M1 (Work at any time)
  • Minimum account account balance of 1200$, or equivalent cents.
  • Draw profit after deposit double.
  • This EA is not all about plug and play. Be aware of volatile markets and close trades.
  • A VPS (Reliable, Trusted FOREX VPS ) is recommended for best performance.
  • Low Spread CN account is also Recommended ( Find The Perfect Broker For You ).
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