Kijun Sen indicator

Kijun Sen indicator

The Kijun Sen Envelope indicator is an MT4 indicator that shows the direction of the trend. The indicator is based on Ichimoku Sen Envelope and offers the same functionality. The indicator has three signal lines, which we call bands. These three lines are the middle band, the lower band and the upper band.

The middle band is surrounded by the upper and lower bands; that’s why we call it Kijun Sen Envelope. the middle band is the trend detector. The trend detector is the middle band. If the price moves above or below this band, it means that there is a trend shift. We call the middle band Kijun Sen.

What is the best feature of the Kijun Sen envelope indicator?

It pinpoints the price level of each band. The indicator is more effective over longer time frames because it generates fewer false signals.

Kijun Sen indicator
Buy/sell signals for the Kijun Sen Envelope indicator

The indicator’s buy and stop signals. In order to determine a “buy” or “sell” signal, traders need to focus on the middle ground. If the price rises above the middle zone, it indicates a stronger downtrend. This is where traders should hold their positions.

Kijun Sen indicator

The other side of the coin is that if the price falls below the middle range, this could be a good buying opportunity. When using this indicator, traders often misunderstand the difference between the upper band and the lower band. As mentioned earlier, the upper and lower bands of the indicator behave like clouds around the middle band.


The Kijun Sen Envelope indicator works on the principle of Ichimoku Cloud. The indicator draws bands on the chart, with Kijun Sen acting as a trend detector. The indicator allows traders to accurately determine their entry and exit points. You can also download the indicator for free from our website.

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