MovingAverages.mqh Part I by Wiliam210

MovingAverages.mqh Part I by Wiliam210

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If this code malfunctions for whatever reasons, forgetting or MQL5 upgrades, let me know so I can correct it, thank you

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What is SimpleMA, ExponentialMA, SmoothedMA, LinearWeightedMA?

Smoothing refers to the action of making data fluctuations smoother or less volatile.

It is a technique used to eliminate sudden and unpredictable variations in data series, thereby creating a form of security for investors.

This can help identify underlying trends more clearly.

An investment horizon can be associated with each smoothing


Simple Moving Average (SMA) is the calculation of the arithmetic average of a defined number of values.


The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is an indicator that gives more weight to recent values.

It is preferred by traders who look for recent price changes of an asset.


The Smoothed Moving Average is a moving average that gives equal importance to all price values.

It is generally used to identify long-term trends.


Linear Weighted Moving Average assigns greater weight to recent values ​​by multiplying each price value by a weight that increases linearly.

This allows you to react more quickly to price changes.

Why this code?

I wanted to write simple and easy to use codes.

Whether you’re new to coding, or need basic code to scale quickly,

This should help you, as it helps me with my own codes.

These codes use the native library that Metaquotes makes available to us in MovingAverages.mqh, i.e.

SimpleMA(), ExponentialMA(), SmoothedMA(), LinearWeightedMA

I’ll do the others, SimpleMAOnBuffer(), ExponentialMAOnBuffer(), LinearWeightedMAOnBuffer() and SmoothedMAOnBuffer(), another day

May this code help you

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I offer many of these indicators in the Marketplace, search for me “William210”

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Moving average using ima()
I offer many multi-timeframe smoothing options in the marketplace.

Simple average => EMA, SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA

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MovingAverages.mqh Part I by Wiliam210

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