ParMA BB Indicator

ParMA BB Indicator

ParMA BB indicator is a simple MT4 indicator which tells you about the trend’s direction. The ParMA BB Indicator includes two indicators that are very popular: Bollinger Bands and Moving Average. The default setting of the indicator sets the BB to false. It doesn’t display BB.

The Indicator’s period for the MA is 30. The MA period can be changed. The indicator plots a single MA line, with BB set at false to show the trend’s direction. It functions like a regular MA, with the line moving above and below the price.

ParMA BB Indicator BUY/SELL signals

ParMA BB Indicator

The aud/USD H4 chart above shows the BUY/SELL signals for this indicator. MA is the key indicator traders must look at to determine the BUY or SELL signals. The MA is a BUY signal if the price rises above it. It’s a BUY signal when the price rises above the MA.

The default setting for the Bollinger Band is false, as mentioned previously. Trader can change it to true to display the BB and the MA. It can also provide confirmations.


ParMA BB indicator for MT4 is a simple indicator which combines BB with MA. It acts as a moving average to determine the trend’s direction. You can also download the indicator free of charge from our website.

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