PGM MASTER EA is designed to function as an automated scalping strategy and is designed for beginner or experienced traders. Scalping is a popular strategy for trading, as it seeks to reduce market risk. Small, consistent profits are vital.

It makes use of several indicators to determine the market entry points and strives for profits that is 2 or higher. PGM MASTER EA uses a sophisticated algorithm that determines trades when market prices are going through a retracement. This protects you from abrupt fluctuations. This means you can arrange it according to your personal risk level.


  • Capital minimum of 100$ for one pair , if you want to use two pairs, you need 200dollars.
    • If you only use GBPUSD, then Autolot True. If you use multiple pairs, then Autolot False and set the lot Szie manually.
  • Best results on EURUSD GBPUSD XAUUSD pairs(Work with any pair)
  • Best to work using the M5 (Work at ANY time frame)


PGM Trading software that can outwit the market

Institutions, banks, brokers liquidators, funds, and brokers already employ trading algorithms for years. This is the primary reason why retail investors are losing money in the course of time. The simple fact is that robots are better traders than humans. PGM provides top trade managers to assist you become a successful and also a dependable trader. Our expert team is working to assist our clients in becoming intelligent traders who can master a “rule that is based” trading strategy. Our software is utilized by both new traders as well as veteran traders.

We designed the perfect trade manager

PGM MASTER EA is designed to function as an entirely automated scalping system and is created for experienced and novice traders. Scalping is a popular style of trading, since it attempts to reduce exposure to market risk. Small, steady profits are the key. The program uses a variety of indicators to identify market entry points and is aiming for a profit percentage that is 2 or higher. PGM MASTER EA uses a sophisticated algorithm that determines entry points when the market is in a retracement. This ensures that the system is not subject to abrupt surges. PGM MASTER EA is fully customizable. You can configure it according to your personal risk preferences. Be sure to use an EA compatible broker to get the most effective outcomes. EA which each trade is accompanied complete with a stop-loss provides greater results and is effortless to handle. Manual scalpers are addicted to their screens. That’s why we designed PGM MASTER EA. PGM MASTER EA There is nothing more frustrating than being stressed at a computer screen for the entire day. For less than 10 minutes a day, you can utilize this automatic scalping strategy in a safe manner.

PGM MASTER EA – FREE Download Smart Investing on a Small Budget

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One Million Plan

PGM MASTER is group comprised of Forex traders with a high degree of Forex trading experience over the past 10 years. A few of the members are studying various Forex trading techniques that can yield a great profit for your career in trading. These committed Forex traders are putting in their heart and with their hearts to increase your profits. Let’s help you make your goals come to life. At different stages in life you will require money. One must build the fund, regardless of whether it is to fund a child’s education or marriage, or retirement savings when one begins searching options to build funds, they tend to search for investment plans that let your money will grow as you relax with the many options for investing, there’s no one-stop solution. We will meet your requirements and your goals. Don’t be afraid to think about it and with only a small amount of money, achieve your goals. There are numerous risks throughout your life, but this one of yours could transform your life. Select your one million dollar plan today based on your willingness and willingness to risk and join our business.

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