Price Alerts Indicator MT4

Price Alerts Indicator MT4

Introduction to the Forex Price Alert Indicator

Anyone who has worked in this business knows the importance of certain levels in the market. Constantly checking the charts to find a price that will reach a desired area can be a tiresome task. This is where the Forex Price Alert Indicator can come into play. Set the price level you are looking for and you will receive an alert sound and window.

Their Forex Price Alert Indicator can be used for any time frame and currency. The alert window is displayed directly above the main chart of the trade. The default settings can be changed by using the On Entry tab.

Double check this Forex price alert indicator

If you install this indicator on MT4 and set individual settings, your charts will appear more or less like this.

It is obvious that there is a horizontal line running through green, red and yellow/gold. When the price drops below the red line, the corresponding alert is triggered. In the same way, if the price rises above the green line, an alert is triggered. In addition, if the price crosses the yellow line an alert will also be triggered.

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