Profitable Breakout EA FREE Download

Profitable Breakout EA FREE Download

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Profitable breakout EA’s use strategies that are based on breakouts. Forex traders use breakout trading as one of their favorite and most frequently used strategies. This strategy was created a long time ago. It has been tested repeatedly using historical data and has shown superior results.

The Profitable Breakout EA uses three types of trend breakouts: support and resistance breakouts, downtrend breakouts and uptrend breakouts. The account prevents stocks from falling by using low SL. It also has a very low risk per trade. It also uses an adaptive trailing stop algorithm. This free forex robot includes statistics collection and output algorithms on the information panel.

Test it in a demo account for at least a week. You should also get familiar with how Profitable Breakout Robot works before trying it in a real account.


Minimum account balance of 100 USD
EURUSD is the best. (can be used for any currency pair).
Time frame.
When choosing a broker to trade with, it is important to choose a broker that offers low spreads, low commissions and high quality execution. ( Find the perfect broker for you)

Input Parameters

  • Show_Info_Panel – Information panel. (at the value false – Speeds up the testing in the strategy tester).
  • Magic – trades identifier.
  • Order_Comment – Comments to the order.
  • Slippage – Allowed slippage before an order triggers.
  • Max_Spread – Maximum Spread allowed before pending order is triggered.
  • Order_Type – trading direction.
  • Fixed_Lot – Fixed lot ( if “Use_Risk_MM” = false ).
  • Use_Risk_MM – At the value ‘true’ the lot size increases as the account balance grows.( Risk Management ).
  • Percentage_Risk – Increase the lot size based on balance.( Risk Management % ).
  • Take_Profit – Take profit level in points.
  • Stop_Loss – Stop loss in points.
  • Use_Break_Even – If this is true Stoploss price will be moved to breakeven when price is above target points.
  • Breakeven_Target_PipsInp – When price is above this value breakeven will be triggered.
  • Breakeven_Jump_PipsInp – Stoploss will be moved using this value to breakeven.
  • Use_Trailing – If this is true, profit will be protected with trailing stop.
  • Trailing_Stop – Trailing points, when the position is in profit.
  • Trailing_Step – Trailing step, when the position is in profit.
  • Adaptive_Trailing_to_slippages – Adaptive trailing stop.
  • Change_correction_coefficient – Trailing sensitivity coefficient.
  • Adaptive_by_Time – Algorithm of adaptivetrailing by time.
  • Time_Scale – Time interval for price analysis.
  • Use time – If true trading will be performed by time.
  • Time_Setting  Server time or computer time.
  • GMT_mode – GMT offset of the broker server time; ( 0 – not used ).
  • Every_Day_Start – Operation start time (hh:mm).
  • Every_Day_End – Operation end time (hh:mm).
  • Use time – If true trading will be performed by time.
  • Time_Setting – Server time or computer time.
  • GMT_mode – GMT offset of the broker server time; ( 0 – not used ).
  • Disable_in_Friday – Operation end time on Friday (hh:mm).
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