RSI on MA Indicator mt4

RSI on MA Indicator mt4

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Moving Average crossovers are a popular way to trade with the trend. The RSI MA crossover incorporates MA crossover, but also includes a powerful tool called the Relative Strength Index. This indicator shows two lines that oscillate between zero and 100. The interaction of these two lines will determine whether buying or selling signals are displayed. It shows the trend and the momentum.

The indicator can be used to trade any currency pair. It works with stocks, metals, and commodities. It can also be used to identify short-term and long-term trends. You can plot the lines at any time.

Trade Signals

RSI on MA Indicator mt4

The indicator uses the Relative Strength Index, (RSI), of moving averages as its name implies. The crimson RSI lines represent a fast-moving average, and the lime green lime represents a slower-moving average.

Buy Signal The indicator signals a buy when the crimson line crosses over the lime green line. This signal also indicates that momentum is rising. Place the stop loss lower than the entry candle, or the swing low.

Sell Signal The technical trading tool sends a sell signal to the user when the crimson line crosses under the lime green line. This signal is also a sign that momentum is decreasing. The stop loss should be placed several pips higher than the entry candle, or the swing high.

Trading example

RSI on MA Indicator mt4

This indicator displays the Euro/USD price chart in one hour. A bearish signal is indicated when the crimson line crosses under the lime green line. After the indicator gave the sell signal, the market moved more than 100 pips.

To prevent your profits from being eroded by the trade after a reversal, you must close it. When the crimson lines crosses below the green line, or at the next resistance level, it is the best time to exit.

The indicator also gives a buy signal if the crimson lines cross above the lime-green line. The market moved more than 70 pips after the lines crossed. Follow the trend to the next crossover or support level.

Important point: The crossover signals a market entry signal, effectively invalidating the previous signal.


The MA indicator’s RSI can indicate market momentum and trend. Trade the line crossover. It can be used as a standalone indicator but it also works well in conjunction with other strategies. To establish confluence and improve the signal’s accuracy, you can add other trend-following technical instruments.

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