RSX Indicator

RSX Indicator

The RSX indicator analyzes the market’s dynamics and price variations through the transformation of accumulated market history information. This enhanced version of RSI removes market noise, which can cause false market signals, resulting in more precise signals. The most appealing aspect is the fact that it can be smoothed and not being lagging.

The indicator window is located beneath the chart of markets and includes overbought and undersold areas. It also has the moving average line which shows the market’s movement and alters hue between lime green and light violet. RSX also has a large line column at the zero level , which alters color from red to green and yellow. The yellow color indicates the market’s decision. The indicator can be used to trade on day or scalping as well as swing trading.

How Do You Use An RSX Indicator?

The indicators’ values range at 0 and go up to 100. If the indicator line drops below 20 levels and is oversold, it’s an oversold zone, whereas anything above 80 is an overbought region.

Buy Signal

The buy signal is triggered at the point that the MA line changes to green and then moves upwards. The central line’s color shifts to green. If the price is within an oversold zone this is a sure indication that the time is right to see a trend reverse, and it is time to start a long trade.

Sell signal

The MA line is moving in a downward direction and then shifts color from pale violet to red. The indicator changes also to a red hue. In the event that the value is located in an oversold region It is a sure indicator of a possible trend reverse.

Exit Strategy

Exit when the indicator changes to red during an uptrend that is underway or when the indicator turns green in a bearish market.

Can You Install Custom Indicators In Mt4?

RSX isn’t one of the indicators that are default on MT4. However, you can download it at no cost on our website. After downloading you can transfer the indicator file to your MQL4 indicator folder on the MT4 trading platform.

Trading Example

The indicator’s weight is indicated below in relation to the Great Britain pound against the Australian dollar. The indicator’s center line displays green, which indicates an indication of buying. The moving average changes color from lime green to corresponds to the upward trend for the market.

In the same way, the indicator displays an red colour on its indicator lines, signalling the ideal time to open the short-term market. Note how the moving average’s color shifts to pale violet and mimics the market when it is in an uptrend. This is a great sell signal.


The RSX indicator offers traders the most suitable entry points for trades. This means you will be able to find the best places to enter and close trades. The trade is accompanied by the moving average, which shows the price movement and then changes to lime green in an uptrends and violet for downtrend. The indicator line in the center provides signal confirmation making it an excellent instrument for obtaining a precise signal. It is a great way to invest in the market trend to reap the maximum profit.

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