Scalper AvtomatFX EA

Scalper AvtomatFX EA

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The Scalper, AvtomatFX Expert Advisor robot implements an algorithm to open orders based upon the study of the tick-flow of the Ask and Bid price. The Expert Advisor is completely automated and does not need the manual adjustment. However, for traders with experience it is possible to manually trade or intervene.

The EA is most effective when prices move in the range. The free forex EA is able to compensate for any losses from orders that are still in the market and also make the profit of closed orders. If you let open orders, this could lead to loss of any profit made generated by market orders. Thus the Scalper AvtomatFX implementation follows an algorithm known as the “Earnings in the TIME INTERVAL” algorithm.

Scalper AvtomatFX EA


  • Best suited for the EURUSD chart, USDCHF, GBPUSD (but it can be traded on any chart.)
  • 200$Cent Account
  • Best suited for Microsoft’s M5 Timing Frames.

The “Earnings in the TIME INTERVAL” algorithm operates

  • It is where the expert Advisor will set a timestamp within the information sectioncalled Time_Point. it’s the start of the time period.
  • It is the EA computes profits of closed orders through EA setting the profit after this time.
  • The EA calculates profit and loss from Open BUY and SELL transactions every second.
  • The advisor evaluates the profit margin from “closed orders in EA time interval” + “profit/loss from open orders” and, if the value is higher than the budgeted TP in money advisors close all current accounts and then, upon closing, re-arranges time_pointto what is currently the time and thus starts an entirely new time period.
  • If “SUM Profit Cycle =” is higher over “Destination Profit =” all orders will be shut down and the next cycle (time time) will start.

Some brokers restrict the maximum number of orders they can open at the terminal. The rule is that the majority of brokers have orders of 200. If you have open orders of 200 and you’d like to open a new one the terminal will not open and give an error code of in the form of 148. The Scalper AvtomatFX EA will open up to 200 orders simultaneously. This advisor also is equipped with an integrated algorithm to assist in analysing orders that are initiated by other advisors, or the settings for this one.

  • If at least one request is opened using this option, the advisor will open additional ones and follow them until they’re shut with”Planned TP” “Planned TP”, it won’t close it by its own business at a loss in respect of the total profit during time for the “Interval time “.
  • When the appropriate time is set for trade, advisor is granted “permission” to open the “first-order”.
  • Clicking on the button “Open first order” – opens your first purchase, regardless of setting that prohibits it(setting the working hours or the fact that there may be orders placed by other advisers on markets).
  • When you have closed all of your trades EA ceases trading at the end of the trading day. Only way for you to begin trading is to restart the MT4/EA, or manually starting this by selecting “Open the first order .”
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