Secret Profit Levels Indicator

Secret Profit Levels Indicator

The secret profit levels indicator is not hidden. It’s designed to give entry points, stop loss and take profit. It is enough to determine if the indicator indicates a buy or sell signal. Next, enter your stop loss and take-profit numbers. The indicator can be used to trade any instrument at any time.

How to use the SPL Indicator

Secret Profit Levels Indicator

There are two zones in the indicator. The red zone is an indicator that the price has reached the red area. The green zone is a buy signal. Wait for the indicator’s green zone line to cross. You should enter sell signals when the indicator crosses the line bordering the red zone.

This indicator offers an easy exit strategy. The indicator comes with a triangle showing two price targets: take profit one and target profit two. It also offers stop loss. However, you can place stop-loss at either the swing low or high.

Sign up

When prices rise above the green region, it is a buy signal. Stop loss should not exceed the swing low or swing high. Close to half the positions should be at the first profit, and the rest at the TP2.

Sell Signals

When the indicator crosses the red line, it is a sell signal. Close half the position once it reaches the first profit target. The other half will be closed at the second profit level.

Trading example

The indicator emits a sell signal. The indicator will give you two possible profit targets zones. As shown by the triangle at 1.04000, the price is in red. The second profit target is 1.03800. A bearish signal is when the price drops after the indicator has been activated.

You only need to look at the indicator’s color and profit target. Then, enter the information in your order.


The secret profit levels indicator gives simple buy-sell signals. You can also market up to two profit levels. The indicators will show you the price of the instrument. The price in red means that the price has fallen. The green area, on the other hand, is an indicator that the price is rising and should be entered a long position. The profit should be set at the two established profit levels.

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