Shved Supply & Demand Indicator

Shved Supply & Demand Indicator

Most people are aware that the Forex market is subject to a changing ratio of buyers and sellers. The MT5 terminal doesn’t have an indicator that can highlight the areas where key changes in this ratio are occurring.

This is why we recommend you download the Shved Supply & Demand indicator, which automatically detects and draws these levels.

1. Description: Shved Supply &demand Indicator

These are the levels at which there is increased activity on the Forex market.

These values are important to us as the constant interaction of the price and them allows us to identify potential profitable points to enter trades.

These zones of supply/demand are the ones that have already seen a sufficient amount of purposeful movement to create the levels.

The price activity in the area will determine the height of the zones. Visually, the height of the zones will increase if traders are interested in the levels and the price reacts accordingly.

All figures in the chart are given a brief text description so that you can easily understand what each level is.

Shved Supply and Demand, like most Forex market indicators gives reliable signals at higher timeframes. This is because there is quite a bit of market noise at lower times.

Keep in mind, however, that the price will be more accurate the more times it has been tested supply and demand.

2. What are the zones in which the Shved Supply and Demand plot is located?

This indicator highlights 5 levels in total

  1. Weak zone – weak zone. These values are not in excess of demand or supply. You should avoid trading around these values or be careful.
  2. Untested zone – not yet tested zone. These are supply and demand areas, where the price once made a strong and targeted move.
  3. Verified zone – already tested (verified) level. These are the values at which new interest has been generated in trading. This indicator shows the number of times these formations have been retested. The stronger the zone, the higher the number of retests.
  4. Proven Zone – a repeatedly tested (proven pattern). These values are the norm. Trading activity almost always returns to these levels even if a trend is changing or a level has been broken.
  5. Turncoat zone – so-called “mirror” levels. These zones initially act as support and resistance. These zones act as resistance/support at first, but supply and demand changes cause them to break out and trade in the opposite direction.

The indicator highlights areas of interest to Forex market participants. However, signals can be more effective when used with additional trading tools.

You can increase your chances of making profitable trades on the Forex market by using the Shved Supply&Demand indicators in conjunction with other indicators (Price Action, Candlestick Patterns)

The Shved Supply&Demand indicator is useful no matter what type of trading strategy you use. It is a fact that the indicator will show a significant increase in the likelihood of the indicator showing that the indicator indicates that there is resumption of movement from the levels of trading activity.

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