Sm Ichimoku Scanner Indicator

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The Sm Ichimoku Scanner indicator is a versatile tool for MetaTrader, offering a comprehensive solution for traders employing the Ichimoku trading concept. Designed to simplify the process of identifying trading opportunities, this indicator performs automatic scans across multiple currency pairs and timeframes. With a focus on efficiency, it presents its findings through a user-friendly dashboard.

Key Features of the Sm Ichimoku Scanner:

  1. Multi-Timeframe Scanning:
    • Conducts simultaneous scans across 10 currency pairs on different timeframes.
  2. Dashboard Display:
    • Presents results on a dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between various pairs and timeframes.
  3. Compatibility:
    • Suitable for scalpers, day/intraday traders, and traders at all experience levels.

Interpreting Signals:

The signals generated by the Sm Ichimoku Scanner are color-coded, providing an easy-to-understand visual representation:

Sm Ichimoku Scanner Indicator

  1. KUMO Futur (Green/Red):
    • Green: Indicates a bullish Kumo Futur.
    • Red: Signifies a bearish Kumo Futur.
  2. PRICE Cross KJ (Green/Red):
  3. PRICE Bo Kumo (Green/Red):
    • Green: Suggests that the price is above the Kumo.
    • Red: Highlights that the price is below the Kumo.
  4. CHIKOU X Kijun (Green/Red):
    • Green: Denotes that the chikou has crossed above the kijun sen.
    • Red: Indicates that the chikou has crossed below the kijun sen.
  5. CHIKOU Bo Kumo (Green/Red):
    • Green: Shows that the chikou is above the Kumo.
    • Red: Indicates that the chikou is below the Kumo.
  6. TK/KJ (Green/Red):
    • Green: Suggests that the Tenken is above the kijun sen.
    • Red: Highlights that the Tenken is below the kijun sen.


The Sm Ichimoku Scanner for MT4 emerges as a valuable tool for traders seeking an efficient way to identify Ichimoku trading setups. By automating scans across multiple currency pairs and timeframes, it streamlines the process, making it accessible for traders of all experience levels. The clear and concise presentation of signals on the dashboard enhances its user-friendly nature. Moreover, being free to download, it stands out as a practical addition to the toolkit of Ichimoku traders.

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