Super Arrow Indicator

Super Arrow Indicator

Using signals from one indicator can be risky when trading. This is because trading with only one indicator can provide many false signals. Therefore, most Forex traders use at least three indicators to determine the best trading configuration.

However, using multiple indicators to interpret signals can be confusing and difficult to understand. This is especially true when the indicators produce divergent signals. This is especially true when the Super Arrow indicator, however, utilizes multiple indicators to provide reliable signals. That’s why this Super Arrow indicator for MT4 avoids the problem of inconsistencies between indicators.

The Basics

MT4’s Super Arrow indicator uses multiple indicators to generate profitable signal trades. These indicators are Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands and Magic Filters. These indicators are used in conjunction with the Super Arrow indicator Super Arrow indicator to filter out false signals and generate high quality signals.

The way the indicator is displayed in the MT4 charts.

The chart below illustrates the so-called Super Arrow indicator. The indicator is shown on the chart with red (sell) and green (buy) arrows. The indicator shows red arrows when the market turns into a bearish mode and when there is a strong sell signal. Conversely, the indicator shows green arrows whenever the market is in a bullish mode and there is a clear buy signal.

This indicator is suitable for both novice and professional forex traders. New Forex traders will benefit from this indicator because for them there is no need to perform analysis. Professional traders can use this indicator with other indicators as well as market analysis.

In addition, this indicator can be utilized in all time frames to determine entry or exit from the market. The indicator can also be used in trend or range markets to determine take profit, stop loss and entry positions, as well as to close trades.

How I use the Super Arrow Indicator Super Arrow Indicator

As we mentioned before, the Super Arrow indicator really works perfectly in any market environment. The chart below for USD/CAD provides an illustration of how to utilize this indicator in a prevalent market.

In a trending market, it is recommended to buy when the indicator draws a green arrow within the bottom trendline of the downward channel. Buy trades are recommended to close trades when the indicator draws a red arrow or when the price is at the top trendline of a downward channel.

Therefore, it is recommended to open a short trade when the indicator is showing a red arrow on the higher trend line of a descending channel. Sell trades should be considered closed when the indicator draws a green arrow or when the price is at the lower trendline of the downtrend channel.


MT4’s Super Arrow indicator uses several indicators to provide high-return signals. These signals are easy to understand for novice and experienced traders alike. This indicator can also be used to open and close trades.

This Super Arrow indicator works in any market situation (trend and range markets) and in any time frame. It can be used as a stand-alone indicator or together with other indicators, as well as with price and market structure analysis.

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