Tick Scalper Best Forex Bot

Tick Scalper Best Forex Bot

Tick Scalper Best forex Bot can be described as a speedy tick scalper EA that is by using tick averages to work in opposition to trends. This EA allows multiple trades to be opened at once, with each having their own SL in search of the break-even point that will allow you to make gains, or limit losses.

The EA comes with three levels of risk that allow it to work with different capitals. According to the creator this EA cannot function correctly when tested back, so it is essential to test using an account with a demo version. The EA is able to be used in any market conditions and is compatible in conjunction with every currency.

Tick Scalper Best Forex BotTick Scalper Best Forex Bot


  • A deposit recommendation to use this Forex Bot
    • Low Risk of $1,000, with a minimum of 0.01 Three currency pairings (e.g., EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY);
    • A MEDIUM RISK of $ 300 , with the minimum amount 0.01 for 1 exchange rate (e.g., EURUSD);
    • HIGH Risk of $ 100 , with minimum lot 0.01 on a single exchange rate (e.g. EURUSD);
  • Work Best On EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. (works on any pair of currencies)
  • Time Frame doesn’t matter.

Tick Scalper Tick Scalper Forex Bot determines spread using the average of the last ticks. Therefore, this EA process is determined by spread increases or decrease, in addition to the quote rate. Thus, it could have different results for different brokers.

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