Trend Direction Force Index Indicators

Trend Direction Force Index Indicators

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Trend direction and Force Index Indicators
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DEFINITION of ‘Force Index.

Trend Direction Force Index Indicators

The Force Index is an oscillator whose value fluctuates between zero and one. It uses price movement and volume to determine the forces behind price movements and identify potential trends. To calculate a 1-period Force Index, use the following formula:

Force Index (1) = Close (current period) and Close (prior period). x Volume

Alexander Elder, who created the indicator, suggested that a 13-period Force Index be used.

Force Index (13) = 13 period exponential moving average Force Index(1)

The 13-period Force Index confirms short term uptrends when it is above zero and short-term downtrends if it is below zero. If the Force Index diverges with price it means that a trend change is possible.

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