Vininl Trend LRMA Indicator

Vininl Trend LRMA Indicator

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Vininl trend LRMA indicator MT4 uses the linear regression method for computing the moving averages. Moving averages are generally lagging indicators. To increase the responsiveness of this indicator, a linear regression moving average is used. This makes the indicator extremely responsive and the histogram almost resembles the price movements. The trend changes are very responsive and the histogram can move above or below the zero line depending on the trend. Forex traders can therefore identify bullish or bearish market conditions using the histogram, and then buy and sell according to their needs.

This indicator is suitable for both novice and experienced forex traders. It is easy for new traders to spot trends when the histogram moves higher or lower than the zero level. Advanced forex traders can also use the histogram for identifying the trend’s strengths or weaknesses. Advanced traders can prepare to exit current positions once the histogram shows the trend weakness. This indicator is compatible with all intraday price charts as well as daily, weekly and monthly price charts. This indicator is also free to download.

Vininl Trend LRMA Indicator

Vininl Trend LRMA indicator for MT4 trading signals

The EURUSD H1 price chart above shows the Vininl Trend LRMA indicator of MT4 in action. The indicator plots the histogram in blue, with values between 0 and 1. Technical forex traders should take the histogram value above 0 as bullish, and those below 0 as bearish.

The market is bullish if the histogram value changes from below 0 to higher. Forex traders should start trading with a Buy order with a stop loss lower than the swing low. Profit booking is determined by risk reward ratio, or if the histogram value falls below zero.

Similar to the previous example, if histogram values fall below zero it is an indication that a bearish trend could be following. Forex traders should sell trades with a stop loss at the top of any swing highs.

Another strategy for trading is to wait until histogram values move above 0.5 to confirm a bullish signal. Histograms below -0.5 are confirmations of bearish signals. Although this could provide an entry point late, the trade is still placed after confirmation. It may also eliminate false signals.


Vininl’s trend LRMA indicator for MT4 increases the responsiveness to moving averages. This allows forex traders, both novice and experienced, to spot trend changes and trade accordingly. The histogram allows traders to quickly identify bullish or bearish market conditions. Forex traders can also download the indicator free of charge and easily install it.

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