Volatility Quality Indicator

Volatility Quality Indicator

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Measuring volatility is a crucial aspect of Forex trading success. the Volatility Quality Indicator of Metatrader 4 provides traders with an indicator in trend strength and volatility. It displays arrow signals and provides trading alerts. It is able to display signals from various time frames in the same chart. This allows for the most accurate technical analysis for all types of forex trading.

How to trade signals using the Volatility Quality Indicator

The charts show trading signals based on specific settings, as the indicator is a flexible one. The indicator shows the buy signal LIME with arrows as well as the sell signal in red. The color line of the indicator stays LIME until the trend stays up. On the contrary, the color of the indicator is red until the selling trend ends.

This Metatrader indicator can be used for all types of Forex trading, including breakout trades. However, technical traders can change the indicator’s settings to receive signals for longer time frames. Forex traders who use a multi-timeframe trading approach will find this indicator very beneficial. Forex traders have access to multiple Metatrader indicator windows that have various time frames, from low to high.

In addition, these indicators will give forex traders with multiple time frames a top-down approach to analyzing market volatility. This is what makes the Volatility Quality Indicator an extremely effective indicator.

The most effective MT4 Market Volatility indicator shows a straight line, while other indicators show a beige shape. Since the indicator is a technical indicator that displays arrows and signals and provides alerts, beginners will find it easy to use. However experienced forex traders can use it to detect various levels of volatility and develop appropriate trading plans.

Below are the top custom settings for this Volatility Quality MT4 indicator. In order to get the most effective performance in trading, it is recommended to choose different settings depending on the currency pair used.


Volatility Quality Indicator can be used by Metatrader 4 to use historical prices and determine the volatility of the market. It is one of the most popular indicators in the list of volatility indicators and gives the best trading signals. Moreover, it is suitable for any technical analysis based on charts and trades. Therefore, Forex traders who use volatility for technical analysis will really like this indicator.

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