XTSR Indicator

XTSR Indicator

Levels of resistance and support are essential concepts when it comes to trading. This is why they is easily discernible by an experienced eye. However, to a certain extent there is a bias toward the things you are able to and cannot observe. Human thinking has a certain amount of subjectivity particularly when looking at charts using eyes only.

So, you can utilize the XTSR indicator in MT4 that can assist you in determining levels of support and resistance in charts. This way, you can have an objective method of identifying these crucial price levels within the instrument. The red lines are crucial resistance levels, while the blue lines are crucial levels of support.

How To Trade The XTSR Indicator For MT4

It is challenging to sell the XTRS market without the assistance of a different technical indicator. Therefore, you could employ any other indicator you like, and combine it with the resistance and support levels depicted by the histogram. As an example, for instance, you could utilize it in conjunction together with FX Forecaster. FX Forecaster to set the timing of your entry based on location of your histogram. The examples below blend the XTRS together with the Fibonacci Retracement tool, which is used to look for pullbacks.

XTSR Indicator

XTSR Bullish Or Buy Signal

A buy signal will be generated in the XTSR indicator when an important resistance level is breached by the candlestick to the upside. It is possible to enter the market after the end of the candlestick that broke out. You can also add an fibonacci retracement and look for a pullback close to that 38.2 or 50.0 threshold.

You will enter the market at the beginning of the bullish candle candle near that 38.2 or 50.0 threshold. The position will be held till the resistance level is reached or forms. To learn more about how this happens look at our charts below:


As the most important price levels are typically those that candles bounce from the XTSR indicator on the MT4 platform can assist you in determining these lines of resistance and support. Viewing charts using your naked eyes could add a bit of subjectiveness to your analysis. The XTSR indicator gives you an objective method to view the levels of resistance and support in the chart.

It’s not easy to utilize supports and resistances in isolation to decide how to trade an instrument. We recommend you utilize the XTSR indicator for MT4 when combined with other indicators of technical nature or fundamental analysis.

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