ZUP Indicator

ZUP Indicator

MT4’s ZUP indicator is undoubtedly one of the most effective indicators for identifying the most popular harmonic patterns. The creation of this indicator took place in the last decade, obviously with the help of many developers and Forex traders. That is why the ZUP indicator used by Metatrader is sturdy, analyzes patterns in a continuous way and provides Forex traders with superior

ZUP Indicator
Bullish AB=CD
Bullish Gartley
Bearish Gartley
Bullish Retracement
Bearish Retracement
Bullish Extension
Bearish Extension
3-Wheel Drive Top
3-Drive Bottom
Butterfly Top
Butterfly Bottom

In addition, the ZUP indicator can be used in Metatrader to display FIBO FANS FIBO levels, Andrew’s Pitchfork, Fibo Time Zone, ZIGZAG peaks, and to construct ZIGZAG Fibonacci.

ZUP MT4 Indicator Trade Setup

In reality, forex traders can use the chart to find patterns and then trade according to the norms they wish to follow and the geometry of the patterns.

Beginners can use the indicator to understand the patterns and then apply trading techniques as they learn. Since the indicator has many lines, numbers and channels, novice traders can turn off certain lines and focus on understanding the patterns one by one. However, advanced forex traders can use the indicator to assist them with lengthy mathematical calculations and focus on using price action to confirm trades and reduce trading risk. In addition, forex traders can apply the indicator to any time frame or currency pair. The ZUP Metatrader indicator can be downloaded and used for free.


Traders can use the ZUP indicator in MT4 to discover patterns with a high success rate and then trade on these patterns. zup can show a wide range of patterns. Therefore, traders must be aware of these patterns and variations and use the trading rules correctly.

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