FX Multi Meter Indicator

FX Multi Meter Indicator

This FX Multi meter indicator for Metatrader is a flexible indicator that contains several indicators. The dashboard shows the results of several indicators based on momentum and averages. Of course, all indicator values are taken into account in the buy/sell signals given at the end. The signal is safe since the signal that determines the direction of the trade is a combination of all reliable indicators.

The indicator gives the entry signal and it also contains all the needed information about the trend and its momentum. Thus, the specific indicator values allow to clearly identify and understand its strengths as well as weaknesses. Thus, traders can use indicator values to follow the market and effectively control it and exit it.

The GBJPY M30 image above shows the Forex Long indicator. It provides a buy signal, which is based on the input of other indicators. The dashboard shows an uptrend for most indicators and the indicator shows the ultimate buy signal. The indicator does not include several indicators in the chart and displays all information on the dashboard.

FX Multi Meter Indicator

MT4 Forex Multimeter indicator in the dashboard

Forex Multimeter Indicator MT4 is a combination of these indicators. It will display the values on the dashboard.

Column table. Shows the percentage change or decrease in the current price compared to the previous 4 Bars closing price.
MACD: The direction of the crossover of the MACD signal on the current chart.
MAX Linear Weighted Moving Average and the direction of the crossover between the simple moving averages.
Williams Percent. Based on the value of the Williams Percent indicator
Parabolic Stops as well as Inverse Indicators This is where the PSAR comes in.
Moving Averages Show the trend direction of the currency pair from M1 to D1 time frame.
Stochastic Oscillator shows the stochastic values from M1 to D1 frame.
The current spread is the exchange rate of the currency pair.
In fact, traders can download Forex multimeter metatrader for free. the dashboard is easy to understand and master. Therefore, it is useful for beginners and veterans alike.


The Forex long/short meter indicator of MT4 is an important indicator for Forex traders. Most of the time, it uses averages and momentum to determine the direction of the trend. In addition, it is the FX Multi meter metatrader indicator that you can download for free. To clarify how the dashboard displays the values of each indicator in a separate way. Thus, traders can see the results of various indicators from one position in the dashboard and then make trading decisions based on them.


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