Pin Bar Trading Strategy for Forex and Crypto With Free PDF

Pin Bar Trading Strategy for Forex and Crypto With Free PDF

Pin bars are one of the most common reversal Japanese candlestick designs. Pin bars can be used in all time frames and It can be traded on many markets, making it an extremely flexible trading strategy.

This candlestick has a reverse pattern and It can help you determine when a new swing is likely to occur.

We will be looking at the pin bar in this post. and It can be used to make trades.

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What is a? Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern

A pin bar is a candlestick with a large nose, or candlestick wick, and a small real-body.

This pattern can either be bullish (or bearish) depending on the way it is formed during price action.

Below is an example of a bearish pinbar. This pin bar is formed by price trying to break higher. The bears also take control during the session. and A reversal will send the price lower. This is the reason why large candlesticks have wicks. This is a sign that higher prices were rejected and The bears were able take back control of the situation after the initial break higher.

bearish pin bar

The pin bar pattern is a reversal candlestick that can lead overall market reversals.

Where pin bars form is the key to high-quality pin bars. We’ll discuss below how the best pin bars can be found within clear trends or at market levels.

What are the Top Markets to Trade? Pin Bar?

The pin bar strategy is best traded in markets with high volatility. The greater price movement, and The more volatility you have, the more chances you have to trade the pin bars and The bigger potential is also available for Large winning trades

Markets, such as individual stocks, that have large gaps can be problematic. for The pin bar

Fast markets are the best and Free-flowing markets like ForexThe most popular Cryptocurrencies are Gold and. and Silver.

Bullish Pin Bar Uptrend

Trades that are based on a clear trend will yield the best quality pin bars.

The price action shows that the price is trending higher in this example. As you can see, the price action indicates that it is regularly making higher highs. and This trend has higher lows.

A bullish pin bar should form at one the swing lows of the trend. Why? for Because the pin bar signals a reversal signal, and We are interested in entering the bullish pin bar and Profitable when trend returns to a higher price

This example shows that price forms the bullish pik bar at the swing low of the trend higher. Either we can enter immediately after the pin bar forms or we can use confirmation.

We are looking for a confirmation type of entry for Price to rise and High above the pin bar and We enter when we see that it is time to go long. You could either do it manually or use a pending buy-stop order.

bullish pin bar

Bearish Pin Bar Installation

The pin bar, as mentioned earlier, can be either bullish (or bearish) depending on where it is placed. and How it is formed within the price action

This is a bearish-looking pin bar.

The difference between the bullish and the bearish and Bearish pin bar means that the bullish bar has a rejecting wick at lower prices and The bearish pin bar has a wick that rejects higher prices.

You will also find high probability trades using this candlestick when it rejects a market level that is important. These are usually key support or resistance levels and dynamic moving averages.

In the following example, the price of oil moves higher to a key resistance point. This is when we can see that the price has rejected this level. and Forms the bearish pinbar. This is the signal that the resistance level has held. and The price of the stock may be looking to move lower.

bearish pin bar

Pin Bar Hammer vs.

These two patterns are sometimes confused but they often have one key difference. The pin bar can signal a bullish or bearish reverse signal depending on how it is placed. and Wherever it forms, the Hammer is a bullish pattern of reversal that forms at swing lows.

This example shows how the hammer pattern of candlesticks forms at swing lows. This is not a hammer, but some traders may call it that. and It will be called a bullish pin-bar instead. Both traders are correct. for It is the same pattern.

bullish hammer

How to Trade Pin Bar Strategy

One of the easiest and The best way to stack the odds in your favor is to trade in line with the obvious trend.

This is exactly how it works when you use the pin bar strategy for trading.

You trade with the current market trend when you trade with it. and It is not your job to force it or choose the top or bottom of the market.

Use the pin bar to your advantage and Trend trading means to trade from areas of value and These are the most important points.

In the following example, price shows a clear trend towards higher and We can now look around. for A bullish pin bar is a good way to go long.

Price can make a slight swing lower to a value area when it does. and The bullish pin bar reverse candlestick will form and we can look to trade long. You could either enter long trades as soon as you see the pin bar form or place a pending stop buy to exit when the price breaks through the pin bars.

how trade pin bar

Use a Pin Bar Indicator

Pin Bar candlestick patterns often appear and Depending on how long it takes and Markets you trade can make it difficult to stay on top of. for They all.

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t miss any quality pin bar trades is to use an indicator that will highlight them on your charts for In real-time and Also, an alert will be sent to you.

You can download a few pin bar indicators of high quality. and Use for Free in MT4 and MT5 that will make sure you don’t miss out on any of these trades.

Min Deposit of 20$
Levergae up to 1:500
Spread 0, suitable for EA trading

Min Deposit of 5$
Allow Cent Acount
Levergae up to 1:888

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