Binary Options Arrow Indicator



Binary Options Arrows is an arrow indicator with 80% of the profit signals. To start using this indicator, you should understand technical or fundamental analysis, as it is based on signals in the form of arrows.

Binary Options Arrow Indicator Binary Options Arrow Indicator Binary Options Arrow Indicator

Reliable signals. 100% no redraws

Indicator has audible and email alerts
You can use alerts (sound + email) as long as
Enable them in the indicator settings


It is a standard arrow indicator: an up or down arrow appears on the terminal and indicates the entry into the market. According to the authors, unlike other similar indicators, this version does not redraw the signal. Moreover, the developers claim that the validity of the indicator signal is at least 80% in any market.


Indicator properties include a limited set of variables in which you can disable or enable alerts (alarms).


alertOn is the main variable, where the value “true” enables the indicator alert and the value “false” disables it.
allertsMessage – by default, the value is “true” and the indicator displays a popup message with the alert from the indicator.
alertsSound – enables/disables the alert sound.
alertsEmail – enables/disables email alerts.


Let’s discuss the validity of indicator signals directly.


For all trades, there are only two rules.


Once you see a blue up arrow, you have purchased a short expiration 1 candle call option.
Once you see a red down arrow, you have purchased a short expiration 1 candle put option.

These rules always apply: both for the short-term M1 time frame and for the large H4 and higher time frames.


The results of the indicator and its accuracy depend directly on the timing of the signal formation: the signal must appear at the beginning of the candle opening, before buying an option with one candle expiration. These are the authors’ main recommendations for trading binary options using the Binary Options Arrow indicator.

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