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La Gold is a fully automated forex robot that has been specifically made for trading XAUUSD(GOLD) generally being offered for sale at 130dollars. Trading on the Gold Market will be much more profitable than other pairs, but it is also more risky too, which is why using the right tool at your disposal to assist you with it is an essential element of the process of trading gold.

This Bot has a variety of algorithms that determine the most effective one for the particular circumstances automatically, ensuring the highest profit across each account. It comes with the Automatic modeto manage bot risk management.

It employs two of its own indicators to operate and if trades are in drawdown it will employ the grid technique to close them at breakeven and without losing. La Gold Forex EA was designed for the XAU/USD currency pair to earn between 7% and 21% in monthly profits.

Test it with a demo account for at least one week. Also, get familiar with the way it works. La Gold robot works, then , only use it on the real account.

Recommendations for La Gold EA

  • Minimum balance of $1,000 Account that is stranded. (doesn’t work with cent accounts properly)
  • It is best to work on the currency pair XAUUSD[GOLD[XAUUSD] (Work with ANY pair).
  • The best results are achieved with M1 or M5(Work in every timeframe).
    • The first EA is based on a dynamic strategy changer.
    • The First and Only EA With Autopilot System.
    • specially design and developed for gold pairs.
    • Low Drawdown – Below 20%
    • Tested for 2 years with backtesting technology.
    • Open and Close trades automatically.
    • Analysis of market data in all aspects.

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