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MASTER ENTRY is a no-repaint trading platform that uses the most innovative and beneficial adaptive trading (turning point detection) algorithm available. It uses ATR, RSX and MACD, Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages strategies.

Sonic Blast Forex system is programmed to work flawlessly. The on-screen panel tells you if you want to buy/sell. It does not overlap with candlestick charts, so it is always easy to see.

The MASTER EXPERIENCE system can provide you with trading signals that you can take as they are, or add chart analysis to filter the signals further. This is highly recommended. This system is suitable for traders of all levels. However, you can practice trading with an MT4 demo account until your skills improve and you feel confident enough to trade live.



MASTER EXPERIMENT indicator can be set up to send you signal alerts via email or SMS. This is a great way to monitor multiple charts at the same time.

The MASTER EXPLOIT indicator can be used with any Forex currency pair, as well as other assets such as stocks, commodities and precious metals. It can be used at any time that is most convenient for you, from 1-month charts to minute charts.