ND10X Indicator System




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ND10X System combines indicators such as COG/ MACD/ StochasticRSI. It provides market summaries such as average bar move or currency movement. This is a manual, expert-level Forex trading system. This system is suitable for both full-time and beginner traders.

The ND10X System can be used to help you make the right trading decisions. The developers claim an astounding 89% accuracy level.

This system is suitable for traders of all levels. However, it’s a good idea to practice trading with an MT4 demo account until your skills improve and you feel confident enough to trade live.

ND10X Indicator System


The ND10X Indiator can be set to send you a signal alarm via email or Mobile Notifications or platform popups. This is a great way to monitor multiple charts at once.

ND10X Indicator System can be used with any Forex currency pair as well as other assets like stocks, commodities and precious metals. It can be used at any time that suits you, including the 1-month chart.

This is the ND10X Indicator system only. The manual contains three templets: PhaseScanner (DashBoard), RiskDesk (RiskDesk) and DashBoard. Only the attached EA (No automated trading) is what makes these templates different. These EA’s include dashboard, phase scanner and risk desk. Install Fonts: If the arrows do not appear as in the images,