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Promax Gold EA is a fully automated forex robot that usually sells for $390. It has an internal setup that analyzes the market as well as the underlying news and collects all market information to make trades.

It is designed and programmed to trade with an accuracy rate of just over 88%, and if a trade retracts, it will close the position in break-even using the grid method without incurring losses.

Promax Gold EA Promax Gold EA Promax Gold EA Promax Gold EA


Minimum balance of $1000 in a lingering account
Best performance on XAUUSD [GOLD] (works with any currency pair)
Works best on M5 and M15 (works on any timeframe)

Ability to analyze technical and fundamental news
8% to 15% monthly profit
Fully automated – hands-free trading
Automatic money management and lot size selection
Only available for XAUUSD pairs on Metatrader4
Optimal settings are default

How does the Promax EA work?

Promax EA is available only for XAUUSD pairs on metatrader4.

It has internal settings for analyzing the market, basic news and gathering all market information for trading.

It is designed and programmed to trade with just over 88% accuracy and if a trade goes into retraction, it will use its smart grid to break even on the trade without incurring losses.

To get a better idea of how it works, order and try it out on a demo account, it has a 14-day full refund policy so it is risk-free to test it.

What are the requirements to use this EA?

Simple 5 minute setup, the settings are already programmed into the EA, no need to make any changes, just run it.

Metatrader4 demo or real account – ECN or standard account type.
1000 USD or more in your account
Download the zip file after placing an order and unzip it
Drag and drop the Expert file into the Expert folder of your mt4

How does an EA/Indicator work?

An EA, also known as an Expert Advisor, is a form of artificial intelligence that automates trading on your behalf. Indicators are signals displayed on charts that let you know when to buy or sell.

When can I get the product after purchase?

The download link will be sent to you via email directly after your purchase.

Can I use EA’s on android/ios?

EA’s/Indicators can only be installed on the MT4 application on your computer, but can be monitored using your smartphone.

Which currency pairs can I trade?

Each of our EA’s handles different currency pairs according to the application settings provided to you in the user guide we provide after purchase.

Why doesn’t my EA make any trades?

An EA may not make any trades for a number of reasons, for example: a) Allow DLL import box is not checked. b) Auto Trade button in the top bar is turned off. c) Time frame is incorrect. d) Preset files are not installed correctly. e) Market is closed on weekends.