simple scalper scanner



When an entry is triggered, it shows you the best positions for stop loss and profit taking. It calculates a 1 to 3 risk-reward ratio, which means you only need to win 33% of your trades to make a profit, and the software wins much more than that!

Scalper Scanner Indicator will help you trade the Forex market by displaying accurate entries. Please see the detailed description of the MT4 software.

Take one of the most popular and valuable strategies we have developed and back-tested and make an indicator that automatically detects reversal patterns.

Scalper + Scanner

The software has it all built in, so you don’t have to figure out where to trade or place your SL.

simple scalper scanner

Discover how to trade trend reversals like a pro!


EDC Scalp Scanner Indicator in Action

simple scalper scanner

When an entry is triggered, it tells you the best stop loss and take profit points. It calculates a 1 risk to 3 return ratio.

The software has it all built in, so you don’t have to figure out where to place your trades or place your stops.

You can trigger trades only when all the important rules of the strategy are met. Colored candles show you strong indications if a trade is reversing strongly.

simple scalper scanner

Day trading, scalping and swinging.

This is because the software is designed to work on any timeframe. For example, check out this swing trade chart on the daily timeframe at

Advanced filters built in!

simple scalper scanner
Consistency is very important in trading, which is why we make sure that the indicator only triggers when there is a high probability of a market reversal.

The way it does this is that it has a built-in divergence detector that can help you enter false breakouts. We also have a price alert sensor built in that triggers when it is currently at the high or low of the last 50 candles.

Scanner section

simple scalper scanner
The software comes with alerts and push notifications to show you trades from M1 all the way to D1.

The scanners combine to get only the best signals!
Each signal offers a 1:3 risk to reward ratio.

After the trade is confirmed, you will receive alerts with the exact entry/profit/stop loss levels.

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