Sniper Indicator mt4


Sniper Indicator mt4 is an excellent trend following indicator that provides forex traders with current trend direction. The simplicity of the Sniper Indicator mt4 makes it easy to successfully apply and trade Forex signals.

Best suited for new forex traders. Because it helps to visually identify trends and start trading in the shortest possible time. However, advanced forex traders can combine this indicator with other trading indicators and tools in any trend trading environment.

The sniper trend indicator mt4 indicator is an oscillator that can be used to analyze market cycles. According to cycle theory, markets tend to move in cyclical patterns from bullish to bearish periods and then back to bullish periods.

These cycles repeat regularly and can be used to predict price changes at key cycle intervals. However, shorter cycles occur in shorter time frames, with smaller cycles running within larger cycles. It is this phenomenon that makes cycle analysis difficult, as at any given time the shorter cycles may be moving upward while the larger cycles are moving downward.

Sniper Indicator mt4

The chart shows the sniper trend indicator in action. The indicator is shown as a chart overlay in the main window. The bullish trend is shown in green, while the bearish trend is shown as a red indicator line. Therefore, once the trend changes from bullish to bearish, the color of the indicator line changes from green to red.

The identification of entry points is very simple and straightforward. Once the green line is formed, the trader can enter the market with a buy position and a stop loss below the previous swing low. Forex traders can continue to hold positions, follow the trend, and exit with the opposite signal. Conversely, a trader can initiate a sell trade when a red indicator line is formed and a stop loss is taken above the previous swing high.

The best exit from a sell position should be at the opposite signal. However, stop-loss and take-profit based on risk-reward ratios are also part of an excellent trading plan. For buy positions, Forex traders can measure the stop loss to the previous swing low. And use a risk-reward ratio of 1:2 or higher to determine the take profit.


It is clear that the Sniper Indicator will provide great value to all types of forex traders. The indicator’s applicability across all chart timeframes makes it a great tool to have in your trend trading toolkit. This Metatrader indicator shows the current trend and provides the ability to provide early signals of trend changes. This is critical for Forex traders.

Sniper Indicator mt4 is suitable for scalpers using M5 and M15 charts. Meanwhile, swing traders can use the H1 and H4 charts to identify trends and trade successfully. sniper Indicator mt4 indicators are downloadable and easy to install.

As with all trend following indicators, the Sniper Indicator will provide the best results. If combined with other technical trading tools and traded.

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