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New forex trading strategies for any trading style. Swing trading, day trading or scalping

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Why do we swing trade?

Swing trading is a way to focus on taking smaller gains from short-term patterns and cutting losses faster. While the gains may be low, they can turn out to produce excellent annual returns if applied consistently over time. Swing trading positions are typically held for a few days to two weeks, but can be held for longer periods of time.

Swing Trading Strategies

Let’s start with the basics of swing trading strategies. However, instead of aiming for 20%-25% profits, most of your investments will be made in a more modest way, with only 10% profits and only 5% in more difficult markets.

The kind of returns you can get may not be the most life-changing benefits usually sought in markets like stocks, yet this is where the time factor comes into play.

The focus for swing traders is not on gains that develop over time, the average time to trade is 5-10 days. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to win numerous small wins that will lead to huge overall gains. If you are comfortable with 20percent gains in a month, or more like 5-10% gains per week, it can lead to substantial profits.

However, it is important to remember that you must consider losses. Smaller gains will only bring the growth you want to your portfolio if losses are kept to a minimum. You can take losses more quickly at 3%-4% than with a standard 7%-8% stop loss. This allows you to maintain a 3:1 P/L ratio, which is a solid strategy for managing your portfolio to achieve successful results. This is a critical part of the overall system, as an unintentional loss can wipe out a great deal of the progress made by a small gain.

Swing trading markets can provide higher trading returns. A stock can show enough strength at the beginning that it can be held for greater profits, or a portion of the gains can be made and still leave room for the balance of the position to grow.