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Yetti is an automated trading advisor for Metatrader 4, which is a collaboration of martingale and scalping. The Expert Advisor works on all available timeframes and is multi-currency.

It comes with a set of proven settings that the user can choose and download without first diving into the intricacies of trading.
Expert: Yetti_3.11_EN.ex4 (Unlocked)

The Expert Advisor profitability depends on the settings you choose:

  • The average return on the optimum network is 12-25% per month.
  • On a conservative one 5-15% per month.
  • On the aggressive one 30% to 150% per month.

The Yetti EA robot Features:
• User-friendly info panel with quick access to function buttons;
• Trayline-Stop use;
• Dynamic order opening step;
• Automatic position locking;
• Numerous filters for entering and following orders.

Yetti Expert Advisor is protected from out-of-trade losses. It has built-in protection and position recalculation functions, which protects the Expert Advisor from excessive orders and the main grid building cycle failure during terminal restarts, VPS, connection long absence between VPS and the server, prohibition of opening an order by the broker, etc.

Minimal deposit for cent accounts: $150 (lot 0.01)
Minimal deposit for dollar accounts: $15000 (lot 0.1)

Yetti EA Yetti EA Yetti EA Yetti EA

Yetti is an Expert Advisor, for which various templates (sets) were developed during the successful work years. What will you choose?

High-volume and high-yield sets or more conservative?

Set GodSet

designed for the EURUSD pair – average yield per month from 15% to 65% (0.02 lots on $250) (POPULAR)

Set SilverMoon

designed for XAG pair – average monthly return from 10% to 40% (0.02 lots for $150)
Set Conservation

is designed for EURUSD – average yield per month from 10% to 25%. (0.01 lot for $200)


set for the pair XAUUSD – aggressive set with yield per month from 15% to 75% (0.01 lot for $100)


setup for XAUUSD pair – moderate set with yield per month from 10% to 35% (0.01 lot for $150)

Set Queen
conservative set for GBPUSD – moderate set with yield per month from 5% to 15% (0.01lot on $200)
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