Profitable Gold Trading Strategies With Free PDF

Profitable Gold Trading Strategies With Free PDF

The Forex market is not the only one. Gold It is a popular market for both retail traders and speculators to make trades. It is because Gold You will make big moves that can result in healthy profits.

This post will explain exactly how to trade the Gold Market and the best trading strategies for shorter and longer time frames.

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Table of Contents

Gold Trading Basics

Gold This market is unique and has many characteristics that are not found in other markets.

Over the years Gold This market has been considered to be a safe haven. The USD and stock markets have been experiencing extremes. Traders flock to this market when they are in dire need. Gold market which has seen it’s price increase.

This is why Gold Long-lasting, sweeping trends can be more common than short-term ones that last for weeks or even months.

You have many options for how to trade or invest. Gold. Whilst one of the most common methods is using CFD’s, you can also physically buy Gold Bars can trade options, as well as futures contracts.

Gold trading strategy

How Gold Worked in the Forex Market

The majority of the Gold Trading is conducted in the same way as Forex trading.

Instead of purchasing physically Gold bars, most investors and traders are using contracts such as CFD’s.

With CFD’s you are not buying the physical asset, but instead you are purchasing a contract. The contract speculates on whether the price for the underlying asset will go up or down. CFDs can be traded on, for example. GoldYou are not purchasing a Gold bar, but trading on whether or not the price of Gold will rise or fall. It is not yours physically. Gold.

While Gold It can be traded in any other currency, but it is usually traded against the USD. It is a standard price in the world because of this. This is an important point to remember because how the USD behaves will impact how it is priced around the world. Gold Is trading and good behavior.

Because Gold Because it is a physical product, it is considered a safe market. Investors and traders will flock to it even when other markets become risky.

Remember that unlike a currency where more money can be printed at will, there is a fixed amount. Gold It cannot be replicated.

XAUUSD (Gold) Trading Hours

It is a big reason retail traders and speculators enjoy trading. Gold The market is open all day, seven days a semaine.

Contrary to individual stock markets, which are only open during their session, the The Schwab Market is available for trading all day. Gold The market is open throughout the week.

Important note: Many brokers will shut down or turn off their servers for a minute after the close of business. This is because volume drops drastically between the time the market closes and opens again. This can lead to large spikes and traders getting stopped out when they shouldn’t be.

Best Indicator Gold Trading

You have a lot of indicators that you can use to trade the market. Gold market. You will find that the most useful indicators are often the easiest to use and those that provide the best trade ideas.

You’ll also see that your indicators will begin to conflict as you add more to your chart. This can often lead to analysis paralysis where you simply don’t know what to do.

These are the top three indicators you can trade with Gold are;

  1. The Average True Range
  2. Moving Averages
  3. Fibonacci Tool

Below we will discuss the Fibonacci instrument and how it can be used on shorter time frames. However, in the example below, we have added both moving averages as well as the average true range to our chart.

The average true range shows us when volatility is increasing and when prices are making larger moves.

These moving averages show us the trend price and can be used for dynamic support or resistance.

If the 50-period exponential move average crosses over the slower moving 200-period exponential move average, we can see that the price trend is higher.

With With this information, we can begin to look for long-term trades. This example shows that the ATR has begun to rise with high volatility, and the price is within the 200-period EMA. This indicates that there may be a trade to go long.

XAUUSD strategy

Intraday Gold Trading Strategies

Gold Can be traded on any of the time frames, including the monthly chart and the one-minute chart.

Intraday trades can be made in the Gold These are the things to remember when you market

Watch the News

Economic and news events often have a significant impact on how much a price is set. Gold moves.

If the markets shift to a risk-off position, then Gold Markets that move higher will usually become more stable.

To keep track of important announcements throughout the day, you can use the DailyFx economic Calendar.

watch news gold trading

Choose your time frame

You don’t need to be trading every time frame to be profitable trading Gold.

If you prefer to trade a lot, you may be better off using shorter time frames, such as five or fifteen minutes.

If intraday swing trading is your preference, you will find it easier to use time frames such as the 1 hour charts.

Use price action and technical indicators

Just like picking your time frames carefully, you don’t need to add every indicator to your chart.

Keep an eye out for the indicators that are clear and most helpful to you and follow them.

These indicators can be combined with your technical analysis and price action to create high-probability intraday trades.

how trade Gold market

Gold Scalping Trading Strategies

If you want to take control of the hair, here are some things to keep in mind. Gold market is don’t fall into the trap of only looking for long trades.

Scalping on shorter time frames will show strong trends, both higher and lower. These trends should be used to your advantage. Trade with the market flow.

The price trend is higher in the following example so we are looking to trade long-term scalps.

The Fibonacci indicator is used to determine high-probability entry.

We could consider long trading and riding the next trend higher when the price drops to 50% Fibonacci.

scalping Gold

Lastly – Gold Trading Tips

Profitable trades can be made in many different ways, Gold These are just a few tips for the market.

  • You should keep an eye on the news events that may have an impact on the price Gold.
  • The USD will often play an important role in determining where the price of a product is. Gold moves.
  • Keep your trading simple and don’t add too many indicators to your charts.
  • If you are scalping, trade with the obvious trend to your advantage. Don’t fall into the trap of only looking for long trades.
  • Brokers often shut down their servers for a short time during the daily switchover period between the daily open and close to prevent large spikes in volume when volumes are low. It is normal for brokers to do this, but it is important to know if you want to open new trades or manage trades you already have.

Min Deposit of 20$
Levergae up to 1:500
Spread 0, suitable for EA trading

Min Deposit of 5$
Allow Cent Acount
Levergae up to 1:888

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