THV Trix Indicator

THV Trix Indicator

The THV Trix VI6.01 indicator is the best indicator for divergence or convergence trades. This Metatrader indicator gives buy and sell arrow signals for convergence and divergence in bull and bear markets. The indicator also plots both divergence and convergence lines on the price chart.

The indicator also confirms the crossover of the THV-TRIX line. Therefore, this indicator is the best indicator for technical trading strategies.

The indicator is suitable for new and experienced Forex traders and can be used in any time frame.

THV Trix Indicator

THV Trix V6.01 indicator for MT4 trading signals

The chart shows the application of the indicator on MT4. A separate window shows the bull, bear divergence and the convergence of the TRIX indicator. The indicator also plots them in the price chart.

The indicator for MT4 displays buy and sell arrow signals in the indicator window. These “buy”/”sell” signals can be further verified by forex traders using the intersection of the zero and TRIX lines.

Once there is a reversal or classical convergence, or divergence, a red arrow will be displayed on the indicator indicating a sell signal. The signal is only confirmed when the THVTRIX line crosses. The forex trader can then plan a technical trading strategy that includes a stop loss at the highest level and a take profit at a crossover in the opposite direction.

Forex traders can also take a buy position if the indicator generates a green arrow signal, after confirming a cross between the THV TRIX lines.


The THV TRIX V6.01 indicator is well suited for intraday and long-term technical trading strategies and all market conditions. The indicator is also available as a free download.

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