TSI MACD Indicator

TSI MACD Indicator

TSI MACD indicator for MT4 combines two powerful Metatrader indicators.TSI MACD and MACD help to smooth out price fluctuations and provide stable bull and bear signals.MACD and TSI are not used separately, so buy or sell signals are more reliable.

This indicator is suitable for new and experienced Forex traders. Advanced forex traders can combine the signal with price action to confirm the signal. The indicator is easy to download and install. The indicator is compatible with all intraday and long-term time frames, including daily, weekly and monthly charts.

TSI MACD Indicator

MT4 Trading Signals for TSI MACD Indicator

The EURUSD H4 chart above shows the TSI MACD indicator for MT4 in action. When the blue line crosses the red line, a bullish trend begins. Forex traders can buy with a stop loss below the previous low and then exit at the opposite cross.

Alternatively, when the blue line crosses below the red line, a forex trader can establish a sell position. A downward cross signals a bearish market situation. This technical trading strategy allows traders to place a stop loss at the highest signal and then exit at the opposite signal.

MT4 Trading Signals TSI MACD Indicator Zero Line Crossover Method

The zero line of this indicator is the basis of this technical forex trading strategy. If the blue line crosses above the zero line, the forex trader can make a buy or a long position. The stop loss must be below the previous low, but the take profit is at the intersection of the red and zero lines.

The opposite signal is the cross of the blue line and the zero line. This indicates a bearish market condition. A Forex trader may choose to sell a short position and set a stop loss at the previous high. The profit line for this trade is the red line that intersects the ZERO line, which is the rising line.

The best way to trade this technical strategy is to keep in mind the trend lines, support and resistance lines and reversal points. For additional confirmation, the channel and breakout levels are equally important.


MT4’s TSI MACD indicator uses the TSI to smooth the signals of the classic MACD. The indicator provides forex traders with the best signals based on trend and momentum. Forex traders are able to identify bull or bear markets, so buy/sell signals are less likely to fail.


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